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Learn to love exercise


Exercise is something that I constantly fall in and out of love with.  We have a love / hate relationship.  But like it or lump it I get it done.  See the thing with exercise is you can’t listen too much to what others tell you to do, it’s like finding a partner, you are not going to love the one your mother tells you to marry.  So with exercise try many different things before you settle with the one you love.  But you may (like me) be an exercise tramp and cannot settle with just one.  I love running (most of the time) but I also love spin classes, I go through phases with swimming and Pilates and I will also take the odd step class.  You have to break it up, try different things, be adventurous.  Not only so you won’t get bored but so your body won’t get too used to the same exercises.

So if you are a non-exerciser at the moment, try going for a half an hour walk tomorrow, then on the weekend hire a bike and go riding, or go to the local pool and do laps.  Try something different every day for a week and find the one you love or like me you may do 2-3 different things a week.

I once said to a friend who said ‘I just don’t like exercise’, ‘I don’t particularly love exercise either, if I had the choice of watching a two hour movie or running a half marathon, I would instinctively choose the couch but I feel 100 times better after the half marathon and I know it’s better, so go for the marathon’.

So challenge yourself, choose your half marathon!!

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